The Mission…

Every existing Chaplin film, viewed and reviewed in order, from 1914 to 1967. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages and the 100th anniversary this year (2014) is too good to miss. On (or as near to) 100 years after each release, I’ll write about every one of Chaplin’s 82 films (mostly shorts!). Check back here from 2 February 2014 for the first entry: Making A Living (1914).


Brian J. Robb is a writer and biographer whose previous books have included a New York Times Best-Selling biography of Leonardo DiCaprio; Screams & Nightmares, the definitive book on horror director Wes Craven; and a series of film star biographies. His book Silent Cinema is published by Kamera, and he also wrote a Pocket Essential on the films of Laurel & Hardy.

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